The central feature of the AmazonFACE program is a field experiment of unprecedented scope that will expose an old-growth Amazon forest to the CO2 concentration of the future. A Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experimental facility will be established at the ZF2 research site is near Manaus, Brazil.  

We have laid out plots and conducted extensive site characterization, but we do not yet have sufficient funding to build the experimental infrastructure and start the experiment. Please see the project website for a full description of the project.

Selected Publications

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Lapola DM, Norby RJ (orgs.) 2014. AmazonFACE, Assessing the effects of increased CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon forest – Science Plan & Implementation Strategy. MCTI, Brasilia, 54p. PDF

News articles

Grossman D. 2016. Amazon rainforest to get a growth check. Science 352: 635-636. PDF

Grossman D. 2019. What Ballooning Carbon Emissions Will Do to Trees. The Atlantic, October 18, 2019. (including the “diddly hypothesis!)

Tollefson J. 2013. Experiment aims to steep rainforest in carbon dioxide. Nature 496: 405-406. PDF

News story about Norby’s talk at Johns Hopkins University

Video from the Technical University of Munich

Photo Gallery. For many more from professional photographer João Marcos Rosa, visit the AmazonFACE gallery.




Field Courses, 2016 and 2017